The goal of The GCAP's community-based navigation project, the CanDO! Project focuses on identifying and eliminating psycho-social barriers to allow ALL women with cancer to focus on their medical treatment, leading to improved health outcomes and an overall reduction in cancer-related distress. 

Program services are available free of charge to all survivors with any cancer.

What does the CanDO! Project do?

*Offers your patients/clients the opportunity to identify areas and levels of distress utilizing the National Comprehensive Cancer Network's (NCCN) Distress Thermometer.

*Provides immediate community-based patient navigation services at the time of intake, or follow-up within one day

*Offers connections to appropriate and available community resources to help patients deal with non-medical issues which a cancer diagnosis can impact

*Provides follow-up in three months from date of intake to assess levels of distress and identify any new issues

*Provides quarterly educational workshops on survivorship issues such as nutrition, journaling, sexual problems, and more.

Non-medical needs the CanDO! Project can address:

*Peer emotional support/practical support

*Resources for financial assistance

*Transportation issues

*Food and housing insecurity

the cando! project - Cancer Distress is OVER!


Call CanDO! at (505)610-9300